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The Importance of Professional Real Estate Photography

There is no argument that advancements in technology have dramatically altered our day-to-day lives. From the way we communicate and share to the way we find our way during a Sunday drive. Technology has literally brought all the information we could ever need right to our fingertips.

In the world of real estate, technology has reshaped the industry and put consumers in control. More and more, buyers use Internet or mobile resources to find their next home which means REALTORS® serious about their brand image have had to expand their real estate toolbox.

Enter the professional real estate photographer.

The old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words can now be translated into dollars when including professional photos to market a listing. The days of any photo will do have been replaced by a demand for high quality photography that captures the essence of a property.

And in the online world, professional photos can take a scant 2 seconds to capture a buyer’s interest and increase it to 20.

As professional real estate photographers, we understand our role as ‘visual stagers’ and possess the skill to showcase each room in the ideal way. We also understand that eye-catching images are a key component in drawing in potential buyers and thus increasing online traffic to your listing.

But simply increasing traffic and attention to a listing isn’t enough for us. We believe that pairing high impact photography and convenience is the key to getting your property SOLD.

Niagara Realty Group was the first to introduce Matterport 3D showcases – the most realistic, immersive way to experience a property online today - to the Niagara Region and surrounding area.

Our Matterport 3D showcases are the ultimate always-open house allowing perspective buyers to move through a property and see if from any angle as though they were actually there. What’s more, they can do it from the comfort of their own home from anywhere in the world. Only Matterport 3D showcases offer a total sense of how a home fits together with its proprietary Dollhouse view.

We can’t believe the reaction we are getting from our clients when utilizing this new technology. REALTORS® often tell us how perspective buyers have shown up to their viewing stating they feel as though they’ve already been there. They share our belief that if a perspective buyer sets up a viewing after experiencing it via our online Matterport 3D showcase, that they have already made up their mind about purchasing or presenting an offer.

But all of the above mentioned tools would not be as effective without the skills of an experienced and dedicated full-time REALTOR®.

Real estate remains in large part a people-centred business and Daniel Passero is a great partner to have in your corner as a buyer or seller.

Daniel was an early adopter of our Matterport 3D services, demonstrating his commitment to marketing his client’s properties. We highly value our relationship with Daniel and look forward to continued results. -- Niagara Realty Group is a customer-centric agency focused on helping real estate professionals shine.

We specialize in web development, brand creation, social media management and now 3D Showcase and virtual reality (VR) Showcase solutions.

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