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5 Reasons to Hire Professional Cleaner and Organizer Before Listing Your Home

Why should you have a professional cleaner come to your property before listing? Well, would you be interested in viewing an uncleaned, unorganized property? Chances are, it is not exactly going to make you feel comfortable or excited to walk through, let alone making one of the most important decisions of your life. Here are five important reasons to hire a professional cleaner/organizer before you list your home for sale or lease. 


1. Making the Property Their Own.  

When a buyer or renter looks at a property, they are imagining if they can see themselves in that space. If a home is personalized to the Seller, it can make it difficult for buyers to see themselves living there. With an uncluttered space, buyers are more inclined to envision where their own furniture and belongings will be staged throughout the home. Open and clear spaces invite buyers to be imaginative and think through their space requirements. Although staged homes add value when showing a home, professional organizers tastefully use a Sellers’ belongings to encourage buyers to perform this exercise during their walk through.

2. Value in the Small Details.

Professional cleaners are more likely to pay attention to the finer details that may be missed by a Sellers and Landlords. Professionals are trained to see things that may be missed as sellers occupy the space on a daily basis. The day to day belongings and clutter are typically overlooked as Sellers go about their day. Main areas of the home that are notorious for being overlooked are the main entrance, kitchen and bathrooms. Making a good first impression is crucial, as Sellers typically only have one shot at attracting a Buyer. Having a second pair of eyes and helping hands could mean the difference between a sale or having your home sit on the market for an extended period of time.

3. Proactively Finding and Solving Problems. 

Professionals catch issues and prevent potential ones from arising. Household items, such as appliances, may not need repair rather than a thorough clean. This can save Sellers thousands of dollars in replacement costs and the hassle of shopping for new ones. Fridges and stoves are notorious for having buildup of dirt and grime on their mechanical parts as they are used on a daily basis. Although common in every household, only few home owners are proactive in maintaining them on a regular basis which leads to shorter life spans of their units. Other problematic areas are dish washers, toilets and drains, furnace filters and heating vents. Preventative maintenance is crucial to the life span of your home and will save Sellers major costs in repairs.

4. Reducing Stress of Selling/Leasing Process. 
For Sellers, listing their home can be a very stressful and overwhelming time. For most, even the thought of spending weekends cleaning and showing your property may not exactly be what you would call relaxing. Hiring a professional for an initial top to bottom deep clean is essential, and Sellers should hire them for quick touch ups before open houses. Not only would this relieve stress on the Seller, it gives them peace of mind during the most important sales of your life.  

5Property Selling and Leasing Etiquette.

When selling a home it is quite simple: clean homes are what is expected! You are going to have buyers and potential tenants entering your property with high expectations and if they do not see your property freshly cleaned and organized, it will instantly turn them off. Sellers who hire professional cleaners and organizers reap rewards with higher offers from buyers and renters when it comes to signing an offer based on the condition of their home. Realtors should highly encourage their Sellers to hire this service based on this alone!  


Having your property professionally cleaned is a very important part of selling and leasing a home. Ultimately it can mean the difference between buyer and renter deciding to submit an offer or continue their search. A professional cleaning should be strongly considered before listing a property. If you have any questions about cleaning, organizing and staging of your property please feel free to contact:


Charlene Mattison 

Char Kleans Services/CKS 


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